"Hidden Beneath Our Feet - A Deep History of Adirondacks"

January 8, 2017

with Timothy Messner

Free to members and students; $5 for non-members
This program takes place at 1:30 p.m. in the Adirondack Museum's auditorium.

Winter is coming. And this winter, like countless others before it, the Adirondacks are covered beneath a blanket of snow and ice. This seasonal process of freeze-thaw mirrors that of the region's history; it began approximately 13000 years ago with the retreat of the Laurentide ice-sheet. Shortly thereafter people first arrived in the Adirondacks. But to most, Adirondack history began only centuries ago with the arrival of Euroamerican adventurers and industrialists into what has conventionally been depicted as an empty pristine mountain wilderness. Join us for Hidden Beneath Our Feet to explore the deep history of the Adirondacks beginning with ice-age hunters and gatherers and discover evidence of a much longer connection between people and the surrounding mountainscape. Timothy Messner will share findings from recent archaeological investigations carried out over the last several years which have provided data for a more accurate, complex and deep history of the Adirondacks.

Timothy Messner is an Assistant Professor at SUNY Potsdam where he teaches courses in archaeology. His research examines relationships between past peoples and their environment and how these ancient case-studies can inform our contemporary world. He works closely with geologists and paleoecologists on projects ranging from paleoenvironmental reconstructions to detecting and measuring ecological changes resulting from early land-use practices. Most recently, he has been exploring ancient Native American settlement practices in the Adirondacks and upper St. Lawrence River Valley. His work also emphasizes the value of experimental archaeology for bridging the gap between past and present, academia and the public, and scholarship and teaching.

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