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Object Name or Title:Canoe "WEE LASSIE"
Object Number:1960.53.1
Artifact Type:Object
Artist/Author/Maker/Photographer:J.H. Rushton of Canton, New York
Associated Place Name:Raquette Lake, New York
Object Name or Title:Postcard: Waiting for the Train. Fulton Chain Station, N.Y.
Object Number:P17095
Artifact Type:Photograph
Date:ca. 1909
Artist/Author/Maker/Photographer:Henry M. Beach (1863-1943)
Material/Media:gelatin silver print
Associated Place Name:Thendara, New York
Object Name or Title:Hunter and Guide in Guideboat
Object Number:P19986
Artifact Type:Photograph
Date:ca. 1890
Artist/Author/Maker/Photographer:attributed to Seneca Ray Stoddard (1844-1917)
Material/Media:Albumen print
Associated Place Name:Brandreth Lake, New York
Object Name or Title:Untitled: Steam Engine with Coal Tender
Object Number:P30935
Artifact Type:Photograph
Date:ca. 1950
Artist/Author/Maker/Photographer:Philip R. Hastings (1925-1987)
Material/Media:Gelatin silver print
Associated Place Name:Conifer, New York
Object Name or Title:1909 Maxwell Automobile
Object Number:1956.84.1
Artifact Type:Object
Material/Media:metal, steel, brass, leather
Object Name or Title:Casting, "A Rise"
Object Number:1967.58.1
Artifact Type:Painting
Artist/Author/Maker/Photographer:Winslow Homer (1836-1910)
Material/Media:Watercolor 9 x 20
Object Name or Title:Untitled: Horse-drawn Toboggan in Winter Parade
Object Number:P28807
Artifact Type:Photograph
Date:ca. 1910
Artist/Author/Maker/Photographer:William F. Kollecker (1878-1962)
Material/Media:Modern print made from 8 x 10 glass plate negative
Associated Place Name:Saranac Lake, New York
Object Name or Title:Untitled: Car on Raquette Lake Ferry
Object Number:P10889
Artifact Type:Photograph
Associated Place Name:Raquette Lake, New York
Object Name or Title:Ticket Office Sign
Object Number:1969.228.0002
Artifact Type:Object
Date:ca. 1905
Material/Media:Wood and paint 26 x 48
Associated Place Name:Raquette Lake, new York
Object Name or Title:1936 Fire Truck
Object Number:1965.4.1
Artifact Type:Object
Artist/Author/Maker/Photographer: American LaFrance/GMC
Material/Media:Steel, Chrome, Wood, Rubber
Associated Place Name:Long Lake, New York