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Object Name or Title:Snowshoes
Object Number:1955.9.38
Artifact Type:Object
Date:ca. 1885
Material/Media:Wood, rawhide
Associated Place Name:Camp Pine Knot, Raquette Lake, New York
Object Name or Title:Corner Cupboard
Object Number:1957.161.1
Artifact Type:Object
Date:ca. 1885
Artist/Author/Maker/Photographer:Seth Pierce (ca. 1828-ca. 1910)
Material/Media:Wood, glass
Associated Place Name:Camp Cedars, Forked Lake, New York
Object Name or Title:Camp Cedars, Forked Lake, July 4, 1933. Front of the main building.
Object Number:P10985
Artifact Type:Photograph
Artist/Author/Maker/Photographer:Margaret Bourke-White (1904-1971)
Material/Media:Gelatin silver print
Associated Place Name:Forked Lake, New York
Object Name or Title:Ampersand Hotel, Lower Saranac Lake
Object Number:P27898
Artifact Type:Photograph
Artist/Author/Maker/Photographer:Seneca Ray Stoddard (1844-1917)
Material/Media:Albumen print
Associated Place Name:Saranac Lake, New York
Object Name or Title:Kohler Electric Plant
Object Number:2008.4.1
Artifact Type:Object
Date:ca. 1936
Artist/Author/Maker/Photographer:Kohler Co. of Kohler, Wisconsin
Material/Media:Iron, Steel, Metal
Associated Place Name:Upper Saranac Lake near Coreys, New York
Object Name or Title:Mrs. Jarley's Wax Works
Object Number:P1046
Artifact Type:Prints and Drawings
Artist/Author/Maker/Photographer:Edward Bierstadt
Associated Place Name:Blue Mountain Lake, New York
Object Name or Title:Ticket Office Sign
Object Number:1969.228.0002
Artifact Type:Object
Date:ca. 1905
Material/Media:Wood and paint 26 x 48
Associated Place Name:Raquette Lake, new York
Object Name or Title:Souvenir Cream Pitcher
Object Number:2008.49.3
Artifact Type:Object
Date:ca. 1900
Associated Place Name:Sacandaga, New York
Object Name or Title:Crystal Spring House, Bloomingdale, N.Y.
Object Number:P1603
Artifact Type:Photograph
Date:ca. 1892
Artist/Author/Maker/Photographer:attributed to Seneca Ray Stoddard (1844-1917)
Material/Media:Albumen print
Associated Place Name:Bloomingdale, New York
Object Name or Title:Rustic statue
Object Number:1987.19.1
Artifact Type:Sculpture
Date:ca. 1910
Material/Media:Wood, nails, Cedar bark
Associated Place Name:Long Lake, New York