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Object Name or Title:Packbasket
Object Number:1956.42.1
Artifact Type:Object
Date:ca. 1880
Artist/Author/Maker/Photographer:Orson "Old Mountain" Phelps
Material/Media:Ash splint, leather
Associated Place Name:Keene Valley, New York
Object Name or Title:Surveyor's Vernier Field Compass
Object Number:2010.44.1
Artifact Type:Object
Date:ca. 1875
Artist/Author/Maker/Photographer:W. & L. E. Gurley Co. of Troy, NY.
Material/Media:brass, glass, wood, metal
Associated Place Name:Old Forge, New York and Paul Smiths, New York
Object Name or Title:Artist Levi Wells Prentice in his Studio
Object Number:P11494
Artifact Type:Photograph
Date:ca. 1900
Material/Media:Gelatin Silver Print
Associated Place Name:Harrisburg, New York
Object Name or Title:Candle Lantern
Object Number:2001.27.1
Artifact Type:Object
Date:ca. 1910
Artist/Author/Maker/Photographer:C.H. Stonebridge
Material/Media:Tin, Steel, Mica 10 x 5
Associated Place Name:Long Lake, New York
Object Name or Title:Fishing Creel
Object Number:1977.241.4
Artifact Type:Object
Date:ca. 1900
Material/Media:Split cane, leather, canvas
Associated Place Name:West Canada Lake, New York
Object Name or Title:Postcard: Thayer's Souvenir Store
Object Number:P17389
Artifact Type:Photograph
Date:ca. 1920
Artist/Author/Maker/Photographer:Eastern Illustrating and Publishing Co.
Material/Media:Real Photo Postcard
Associated Place Name:Schroon Lake, New York
Object Name or Title:Artist's Palette
Object Number:1963.064.5
Artifact Type:Object
Date:ca. 1850