Historic Structures

Sunset Cottage

A one-room structure built around 1880 and used as sleeping quarters at Camp Cedars, an Adirondack Great Camp.

1876 Log Hotel

Original to Merwin's Blue Mountain House and the present-day site of the museum. The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Artist's Cottage

Original to the site of the Blue Mountain House and used by painter Gustave Wiegand from 1900 to 1920 as a summer home and studio. The windows in the north gable end enabled the artist to take advantage of the north light, prized by artists for its cool color and unchanging quality.

Bull Cottage

Built around 1901 on the hillside above the Blue Mountain House for the Reverend Archibald Bull.

Reising Schoolhouse

A one-room schoolhouse built in 1907 and in use until 1947 in Ohio, New York.

Buck Lake Club Camp

A one-room log cabin built circa 1965 and used for many years by Mike and Hilda Virkler as a hunting camp near Buck Pond.

Rustic Privy

An outhouse made of lumber planks sheathed with sheets of spruce bark, built in 1905 and used at Camp Kwonogamac on Long Lake, the summer home of Dr. Arpad Gerster.

Whiteface Mountain Fire Tower

Erected in 1919 on the top of Whiteface Mountain and used until 1972. It
was one of the first steel towers with enclosed glass shelter to be
installed in the Adirondacks.

Rondeau Cabin

Cabin used by the "Adirondack Hermit" Noah John Rondeau on Cold River near Long Lake from the early twentieth century until 1950.

Bardo Family Blacksmith Shop

Built in 1875 and in operation as a blacksmith shop until the 1950s in
Beaver Falls, NY.

New York Central Kildare Station

Constructed before 1912 and used by the Kildare Club, north of Tupper Lake, until 1937. It was a stop along the New York & Ottawa Railway, which became part of the New York Central Railroad system in 1913.

New York Central Railroad Watchman's Shanty

Used near Gouverneur NY from the early twentieth century until 1960.

Wayside Gasoline Station

1925 gas station with hand-cranked pump from Raquette Lake, NY.

Ned Buntline's Cabin

An architectural fragment from Edward Z.C. Judson's — whose pen name was Ned Buntline — cabin on Eagle Lake where he lived from about 1859 to 1862.