Adirondack Journal — Audio Tour Quiz

In celebration of our new audio tour, we want to test your knowledge of Adirondack personas- past and present.
Visit the museum to hear their stories, as well as many others. Experience our new audio tour for yourself through October 14 and hear the Adirondack story like never before.

Can you guess which quote belongs to the following audio tour stars:
Kevin Bacon; Frances Seaman; David Hochschild; Peggy Lynn; Martha Foley; M. T. Merwin; Allison Warner

1.) I first explored the Adirondacks as a forestry student at Paul Smiths College near Saranac Lake. I learned how to take care of the woods, so that trees can be cut and used by people and the forests can stay healthy. These days I'm a singer and songwriter, and I get a lot of inspiration from the woods.

2,) My grandfather, with help from others who shared his passion, started work on this museum which opened its doors in 1957.

3.) Growing up, I spent my summers at our family's camp in the Adirondacks. Today, I'm carrying on the tradition, by bringing my kids to the lake.

4.) As a journalist I spend a lot of time crisscrossing the region to report the news. So I know the roads well.

5.) We also had with us... a returned missionary from Africa, who cut and split some poles into halves, and made the sign Blue Mountain House. Thus making it the first house at Blue Mountain Lake with any pretense of a summer boarding house or hotel.

6.) The Adirondacks are home to thousands of beautiful lakes and ponds, and miles and miles of rivers and streams. There's a rich tradition of boating and boat building

7.) Up one flight of stairs and then another, we slowly climbed. About forty feet up, the wind felt stronger, and I glanced down at the ground. I forced myself to look down again and grasped the railing as if my life depended on it. After climbing to the eight landing, I had to take a rest. We were now above the trees. Gazing about, I saw a whole new world spread out before me. Mountain ranges, blue in the distance, and lakes and ponds were scattered everywhere.

Scroll below for the answer key...

1 Peggy Lynn; Adirondack Song Writer and Story Teller
2. David Hochschild; Grandson of Museum Founder Harold Hochschild
3. Kevin Bacon; Actor and Musician
4. Martha Foley; North Country Public Radio Station Manager
5. Miles Tyler Merwin; Early Adirondack Hotelier
6. Allison Warner; Guideboat Maker-in-Residence at the Adirondack Museum
7. Frances Seaman; Former Fire Tower Observer