Adirondack Journal — The Adirondack Museum Introduces a New Web Exhibit: "Common Threads: 150 Years of Adirondack Quilts and Comforters"

The Adirondack Museum is pleased to introduce a new on-line exhibit, "Common Threads: 150 Years of Adirondack Quilts and Comforters," a companion piece to the special exhibit of the same name now open at the museum for the 2009 season.

This marks another opportunity for the museum to share our exciting new exhibits with those who may not be able to visit Blue Mountain Lake, New York. The new on-line exhibit features many of the quilts displayed currently, along with text and historic photographs interpreting both past and present quilting traditions in the region.

The web exhibit explores the colorful history of quilting in the Adirondacks in five sections examining quilting traditions, stories of quilts and those who made them, and what tools, techniques, and fashions tell of the quilter and trends of the time.

There are two ways to find our on-line web exhibitions. The easiest way is on the home page. Look for the box on the right side of the page. There are two tabs at the top. Click the tab titled "Online Exhibits." Click on the words "Common Threads: 150 Years of Adirondack Quilts and Comforters" and you will go directly to the exhibit.

The second option is to click on "Exhibits and Events" at the top of any of our web site pages. Next choose "Online Exhibits" and you will be taken to the landing page for all web exhibits.

Be sure to check back often as we nurture and grow an archive of on-line exhibits.